We designed and built a format that used both dynamic video and interactive gaming to create emotional interactions with users through a fully-immersive experience.
● Company: Mozoo
● Agency: MC&C
● Client: WaterAid
● Environment: web
● Campaign objective: Engagement, brand awareness, video completion.
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (video and interactive 360º)
● Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC (UI design), Adobe After Effects CC (Video edition) and Celtra (ad unit)
★ Awards: Shortlisted for 'Campaign of the Year' & "Brand Awareness Mobile Campaign" (The Drum Marketing/Moma Awards 2017)
'Every Drop Counts' WaterAid (2017) 
A 360 campaign proposal to WaterAid on how to encourage people to donate at live events. The ad unit would have a streaming video that shows a live donation event. The user would be able to donate from the ad unit and watch how their donation 'counts' in the event.
● Company: Mozoo
● Agency: MC&C
● Client: WaterAid
● Environment: web
● Campaign objective: Engagement, brand awareness, video completion.
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (streaming video, live map, interactive using mic)
● Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC (UI design), Adobe After Effects CC (Video edition) and Celtra (ad unit)
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