● Creative Agency: Mozoo
● Media Agency: Mediacom
● Client: Boomerang
● Environment: web
● Campaign objective: Engagement & video completion.
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (animation, video and minigame)
● Tools used: Sketches Pro (Storyboard)  Adobe Photoshop CC (UI design), Adobe After Effects CC (Video edition) and Celtra (ad units)

Our main objective was to establish Boomerang as the channel for family co-viewing.
The channel wanted to use their new show Grizzy & The Lemmings to re-engage viewers.​​​​​​​
Boomerang challenged Mozoo to come up with an ad unit that made user giggle, while triggering the curiosity of their target audience, children aged 4 to 7.
Creative Solution:
I proposed the idea of an ad unit that included both a video and a gaming component. Both of these elements were used to highlight the cheeky humour and distinct characters in the show.  This approach was well suited to Boomerang’s KPI of engagement, as the video and game kept users on the unit.

 Grizzy and The Lemmings animate onto a transparent interstitial introducing the game. The Boomerang logo is on the top left corner, highlighting the link between the show and network.
A 30-second video clip autoplays at the top of the screen, with Grizzy appearing on the bottom left-hand side. There are also instructions telling the users to ‘Pop The Lemmings’.   

The Lemmings then run across the screen. When the user taps on them, they will pop. There is a score count on the middle right of the screen. Grizzy is holding the ‘Discover More’ CTA throughout the entire unit, so users can click to be redirected to the landing page.

The end frame shows how many Lemmings were popped alongside a restart button so the user can experience the game again.
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